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I feel sad when I see many small business owners who have started with SEO as their business is moving away into different fields like real estate, social media, paid media, etc.

This is the picture I always felt when I saw great guys leaving the field of SEO

But I never had the right way to explain why SEO is still impressive. Suddenly one day, I read a LinkedIn post of Eli Schwartz, Growth Advisor, Former Director – Growth & SEO @Survey Monkey, and it made my day.

He did an extensive survey on the SEO Jobs vs. SEO professionals in different parts of the USA. I am sure anyone can apply the same logic for any country across the world 🙂

Let me put some interesting points I read in the post.

There is a massive gap between SEO Professionals and SEO Jobs.

The demand for SEO is vast. Every organization needs an SEO team to take things forward, but the availability of SEO professionals is minimal.

For every SEO requirement, only three people are fighting for it.

SEO seo professionals

There is really a significant shortage of Experienced SEO Professionals !!

This is just wonderful to hear. It means there is a massive demand for experienced professionals!! This graph is lovely and clearly explains the gap 🙂

SEO business.

In short, if you are in the SEO business and have the experience, this is a seller’s market. Don’t underprice yourself.

So, where is the problem then?

The problem lies in the way you approach the business and generate leads for your business competing against the marketing giants to generate website traffic and leads for your business.

It’s not surprising to see a recent Survey by HubSpot which states that

Getting new clients is one of the most significant challenges today.
SEO Professionals


So what is the solution?

The question now is not the market size but how you use interesting tactics to attract leads to your business.

Don’t you think you should offer “Free Website Health Checkup” and do the lead generation for your business?

With RoboAuditor, an SEO Audit Tool i.e., embeddable & white label you can let your website visitors themselves do a Free SEO Audit in just a few clicks and return you generate leads 🙂

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