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Steps to trigger a workflow in HubSpot when a lead is generated through RoboAuditor

Login to HubSpot paid account.
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Step 1: 
Navigate to workflow tab and click on “Create workflow”
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Step 2 : 
Select Contact-based and start from scratch options. Later click on “Create Workflow”
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Step 4: 
Select Trigger Workflow option as Automatically and choose List membership option.

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Step 5: 
Search for the list name that you already created.

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 Want to know how to create the list.
Step 6: 
Step 6: Choose the list and click on “Done”
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Step 7: 
Click on Save
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Step 8: 
Then click on add another action
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Step 9: 
Click on the field send an email.
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Step 10: 
Select the email template that you want to send.

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Step 11: 
Click on “Review”

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Step 12: 
Click on the button “Turn on” to get the workflow live.
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