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Push leads from RoboAuditor to MailChimp instantly
MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools. By Integrating RoboAuditor with Mailchimp, push your leads instantly and reach them out faster.
Below are 3 simple steps to enable the RoboAuditor, Mailchimp Integration.

Step 1:
Login to RoboAuditor & Click on Integrations.

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Step 2:

In the MailChimp section, Click on Enable button.
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Step 3:

Enter the API Key and Audience ID from MailChimp Account.

a.  To get your API Key Login to your MailChimp account and click on Extras -> API Key.       Your MailChimp API key will be displayed.

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Note: Every user will have a different API Key. Please don’t copy the API Key mentioned in the screenshot. 

 b.  To get your Audience-Id, click on Audience option present on the top of the screen. All the lists created by you will be displayed there. You can see the "Manage Audience" option. Now click on that a drop-down menu will appear on the screen just like this and click on "Settings". 

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Click on the settings options and you’ll find a drop-down menu as shown in the image and click on "Audience name and defaults".
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And that’s it!! you can find your Audience Id there itself. Now just fill the API Key, your Audience - Id and do not forget to save it. Your integration is done and you are good to go. 🙂
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