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We all have thousands of cold leads sitting idle in our CRM or Marketing Systems. They are ideally worth thousands of $$$$.

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Using RoboAuditor, you can easily convert the Cold leads into super hot leads!! Yes and it's possible with just one email

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Two Steps to Convert Cold Leads into Hot LEADS 

1. Create the Dynamic Audit URL

Every Marketing Automation System supports the concept of merge fields which is also called as dynamic fields or personalisation fields. It is nothing but replacing the value with the specific one for the particular contact i.e. First_Name will be replaced with Mary or James or Rahul etc.

Steps to Generate Your Dynamic URL:

1. Pick your white label URL from the Domain Manager.
2. Find out the merge fields  for the "Website URL", "Email Address"   in your marketing system

The Audit URL Format: https://<your white label url>/report/?domain=http:%2F%2<website merge field>&email=<contact email> 
For ex:
HubSpot URL: https://<your white label url>/report/?domain=http:%2F%2{{ }}&email={{ }}
2. Create the Email Template to Reach Out: 
You are the masters of Email Marketing so of course, you can go ahead and create your own. We have created this one and it worked wonderfully well for us

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