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Technical SEO

What Is Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about making your website search engine friendly by following a set of best practices laid by leading search engines i.e. Google, Bing & Yahoo. 

Do Technical SEO Matter

Technical SEO, if not done well, the website may not appear in search results at all or may rank very low, leading to all efforts on any content marketing ineffective.

Fixing Technical SEO is not time-consuming but very critical.

Key Elements of Learn Technical SEO

Page Title

First thing the customers sees on search results.

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Meta Description

First thing the customers sees on search results.

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Page Redirects

Multiple redirect from a given url to the final Web page.

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Enable Compressions

Compress resources to improve website performance

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Avoid Plugins

Plugins help the browser process special types of web content, such as Flash.

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Sitemaps aids search engines know about the organization of your site content

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Give directions to web robots about the website

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Configure Viewport

How a webpage is rendered and displayed on mobile devices.

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Improve Server Response Time

Server response time is the time taken by a web server to respond to a browser’s request.

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Optimize Images

By optimizing images on your website, you can reduce the size of the image file without affecting its visual quality.

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Size Tap Targets

A tap target is any element on a web page that a user interacts with a touchscreen. These include action buttons, links, ads, etc.

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Leverage Browser Caching

Browser caching enables the temporary storage of files on a user's computer when a website is being displayed.

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Minify Resources

Minification is a process using which you can optimize your website.A website loads several different kinds of files on the user's browser in order to load a web page.

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Inline CSS

Inline CSS is CSS found in an HTML file. Instead of putting the CSS code in an external CSS file, you put it within the HTML file itself.

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