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How To Differentiate Your Agency from Other Me Too Agencies

A report by Forrester reveals that digital marketing will grow at a CAGR of 9% by 2023 with companies spending over $146 billion on it

Companies have realized that if they have to reach their prospects, they have to go where their target audience is.

With more than 55.1% of the world’s population having access to the internet, it’s clear that no matter which industry a company belongs to or what they offer to their customers, having a digital presence is a must.

Now merely having a website will not help. If companies want to grow their business, they have to invest your time, money, and resources into marketing their offerings.

The good part about digital marketing is that it gives companies an opportunity to explore multiple channels such as social media, digital paid advertising, SEO, videos, and much more. However, all these efforts will be effective only if they have the right experts to do it.

That’s why most companies prefer to outsource their marketing operations to digital marketing agencies.

A digital marketing agency has the right mix of experts such as website developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, campaign managers, content writers, etc. that helps companies to achieve their marketing goals.

However, with so many agencies mushrooming every passing day and with each of them claiming to be one of the best agencies in the market, companies can have a tough time choosing the right one.

Here’s where you can make a difference.

In the world of ‘me too’ digital agencies that talk about the services they offer without providing any substantial evidence, you can create a difference by showing them the value you can offer them.

And you don’t have to do multiple things to create a difference.

There’s just one thing that you need to do.

Offer a solution to a problem!

compare agencies 2

Let’s assume you are a customer who wants to improve the SEO ranking of your website. You are looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you with it. There are two 
agencies you find interesting – one that has an amazing website with good eBooks and blogs and another that gives you an option to audit your website. Which one would you choose to engage with?

If I were the customer looking for a solution, I would have chosen the second website.

Why? It’s simple. The website gave me the first step of the solution – it shows me my problem.

With the help of the website audit tool, I could identify the areas that require immediate attention and fixing.

Of course, eBooks and blogs help in establishing you as an expert in the field. But when a prospect visits your website, they want a quick solution for their problem. By showing your prospect where the fault lies and what they can do to fix it, you would be able to gain a brownie point. Most likely the client would prefer to give you the task of fixing their SEO because you are aware of the problem and know what to do to make the website rank better.

A similar approach was used by Fractional CMO, a HubSpot Silver Partner agency based in India. Apart from their ongoing activity of writing eBooks and blogs, they added an option on their homepage inviting visitors to audit their website for free.

The tool helped them to reduce their marketing costs by 75% and increased their leads by 400%.

By showing your visitors the problem they are facing, and by offering them a solution, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other agencies.

Distinguish your business with white label services

“I don’t have a team or the money to develop a tool like that.”

If that question occurred in your mind, don’t worry! You can generate leads like Fractional CMO at just a fraction of the cost.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money in developing a tool.

There are a lot of white label service providers such as Growth Robotics, Moz, WooRank who will offer you a readymade tool for immediate use.

You just have to select the white label service that fits your needs and budget, purchase it, and add it to your website. It’s as simple as that. The white label tool will look after the backend part of it.

What are white label services and how can you benefit from it?

When you use the service of another company with your brand name and logo on it, it’s white label service.

Let’s take an example of RoboAuditor – a white label tool that audits the SEO of websites. When a digital marketing agency purchases the RoboAuditor tool and embeds it on their website and when a visitor audits their website using the tool, the report will be generated by RoboAuditor but will carry the logo and the brand name of the agency.

White label services have many advantages.

It saves your time and money on building a tool and also helps you to quickly generate leads for your company as compared to the eBooks and blogs you develop.

You will also be able to establish yourself as an expert who understands the problem of the customer well – an advantage that will help you score better than your competitors.

You can offer services and open an extra stream of earning revenue. So, if you specialize in paid advertising or content writing, you can use SEO audits as an additional offering that can complement your existing offerings.

There are various white label tools that can be used to fuel your lead generation process. For example, you can implement a tool like CoSchedule’s headline analyzer or Neil Patel’s UberSuggest keyword analyzer tool to help your website visitors to find a solution to their problem. So, think which tool will complement well with your existing services and choose a white label service provider that meets all your expectations.

If you are looking for a white label SEO audit tool, we recommend that you compare the different white label SEO tools before choosing the one that fits your needs.

And if you want to try a free trial of RoboAuditor, feel free to contact us. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up. You just have to sign up and try the tool; you can pay once you are satisfied with the results delivered.

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